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Available Treatments

Having practiced Massage Therapy for the last nine years I draw from many different types of Massage for each session. I try to tailor each Massage session to your specific needs and concerns. An important part of my work is listening to what your body is telling me. I have a “conversation” with your body and gain information that you may not have been aware of prior to our session. I have included several different types of Massage, which I practice, so you can understand each of the many benefits of Massage Therapy.

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Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage applies direct slower pressure while working into the deeper muscle layers. This is my favorite modality to work with. I can feel the muscles and subsequently your tension melting beneath my hands.

Structural Bodywork

This Massage combines neuromuscular Massage or Deep Tissue with wellness coaching. Very specific work based on the clients structural misalignments that are present from infancy. The way we move through the world directly impacts our structure, our bodies. Educating and giving the client the tools for strengthening or stretching techniques that can be done on their own.

Therapeutic Touch

An energetic approach that moves and releases stagnant energy in the body. I place my hands over your energy fields, sometimes not even contacting your body, allowing the unbalanced chi or energy to move so the client can heal. Viewing this type of massage it would look as though I am massaging the air a few inches above the client.

Swedish Massage

A relaxing and fluid type of Massage brings you to a dream like state. Relax and melt the stress of the day away. Utilizes long and gliding strokes, stretching and range of motion while promoting increased circulation throughout the body. Circulation is a key to life.

Postnatal Massage

After the birth, massage can help a fatigued woman recover quickly, encourage structural realignment, restore abdominal integrity, facilitate healing after a cesarean section, regain her strength, and relive strain from caring for the new baby and ease postpartum stress. Ask me for information on all the benefits of Postnatal Massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Placing of the smooth heated stones causes tight muscles to relax. This type of massage is deeply soothing. You should always speak up if the pressure is too intense or the stones are too warm. Hot Stone utilizes fluid Swedish techniques as the heat sinks to the deeper muscles. This type of Massage is a bit more expensive due to the longer nature of the session and the preparation time.


A Japanese healing art deeply rooted in the philosophy and practices of Traditional Chinese medicine, concentrating on balancing and clearing our vital life force known as QI. This type of massage is given on the floor with mats, in loose comfortable clothing.

Sports Massage

Enhancing athletic performance Sports Massage is essential before, during your training and after your sporting events. I have massaged over the years at many post event marathons, triathlons and epic bike races. The flushing of the tissue post event decreases your recovery time beyond belief.

These techniques will help you live completely and to begin to live without tension and pain.