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Have you ever thought about bringing Chair Massage into your corporation, small biz or special event? I have a team of twelve wonderful therapists all excited to bring the gift of massage to you! Companies have increasingly found Chair Massage to be an effective and sensible tool capable of boosting employee morale within the professional work setting. While employees rejuvenate through Massage Therapy, companies benefit too—experiencing an increase in productivity and job satisfaction to improve the overall health of the company. StresSolutions strives to offer Chair Massage to you because it an immediate and inexpensive solution to workplace pressure.

Pricing Options:

Gift Giver Plan

This payment plan is popular with companies that wish to provide Chair Massage services as a gift to their fellow employees, customers, clients and contacts. Price: $70.00 per hour/per therapist. Minimum 2 hours.

Split Bill Plan

This payment plan allows the employer to pay for a portion of the Chair Massage while the employee pays for the remainder. Price: This plan can be split in a variety of ways (from as low as 10% employer paid to as high as 90% coverage).

Dollar Plan

This payment plan is popular with companies that prefer individual employees to pay for their own Massage Therapy sessions. Price: One dollar per minute for the following increments: 10, 15, 20, and 30 minutes. Payment will be one dollar per minute paid directly to therapist.

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